About Us
PS Fasteners Pte Ltd is a leading importer and exporter of high quality fasteners product to cater for a diverse industries needs ranging from infrastructure development and construction to heavy engineering industries. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, PS Fasteners has transform from a regional importer, exporter & stockist to a global one.

With the advantage of Singapore's strategic location and its free trade status coupled with our excellent logistic, warehousing infrastructure and extensive use of advance IT technology and communication network, we are able to provide efficient customer service and prompt delivery.

Our international transportation hub enable our delivery to any part of the world as per our customer request and our added value B2B e-commence portal also enable our customers to transact business online. We are committed to continously upgrading not only our IT technology and also our people skill and development to serve our customers changing needs and to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Quality Policy

We are dedicated to deliver quality products and services which satisfy the needs and requirements of our customers by continually improving our Quality Management System.

Our Vision

To be a global importer and exporter of high quality fasteners to cater for a diverse industrial needs.

Our Mission

> We strive to be a global player in the fasteners industry
> Provide quality product to meet our customer needs and satisfaction
> To grow and increase profitability through efficient and excellent
leadership management, warehousing and packing and delivery
processes and provide cutting edge customer services.